⚠ ⚠ ⚠  Unfortunately, Draw mechanic is bugged in Browser version so you can only check the cards and not actually play the game.  Collection is also buggy though, normally you can click on cards and learn about keywords, see the tokens and read design notes, but you can't in browser version for some reason (I think it's DoTween related - but I'm not sure). It works fine in Windows build as you can see in the screenshots, so you have to download to play.

  Haarstone is a turn-based card game, inspired by Hearthstone. Haarstone features 12 keywords (8 playable) and 152 cards (61 playable).

  I've been playing Blizzard's Hearthstone for more than 5 years. I always wanted to design my own cards for Hearthstone and I've developed Haarstone to study game design while designing my own cards.

  This is a private project and it  has nothing to do with Blizzard, nothing in it is for commercial use. I don't own any of the artworks. It's more of a showcase for the cards I designed.

  Red colored cards in Collection are the cards that have bugs. Blue colored ones are the ones I designed but not coded yet. They both are unplayable.

  It's a single-player game, you play against yourself! Build a deck from My Collection page and click Hearthstone to play your deck.

  Check out Haarstone's Source Code!

  I've also created a Trello page to keep track of what I've developed, check it out: https://trello.com/b/KlfrQUCh/haarstone

  Haarstone, of course, has some bugs in it but I'll be fixing them. I've labeled a few cards as non-playable cause they break the game, but the others should be fine. The code is also dirty - coding a big game over 6 months was hard. I improved my C# knowledge a lot while coding Haarstone; therefore the last code snippets are a lot better than the first ones.

  I designed 83 cards for the latext expansion: Throne of the Zamci. They are currently unplayable and you can only view them from Collection. I plan to code them one by one, the next time I work on this project.

  Current version is 5.0.0.


Haarstone 5.0.0 119 MB

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