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  I've developed Chess with Multiplayer in an unique way using Raycasting for Chess Pieces and Board. It took me approximately 25 hours.

  Game is Open Source, you can check it from this GitHub link. The code has my Label Blocks extension as well.


  This was my first time coding a multiplayer game and I haven't used a Cloud Server system. You have to open Chess twice in your computer to play.  You must open both clients before connecting, otherwise it might break. One HAS TO BE Host and the other HAS TO BE Client. If the game breaks, you should restart. If you mix them up (like hosting twice), game will break and you have to restart BOTH clients. I'll fix these and improve the game in future updates. 



- Promoting a pawn.

- Castling.

- En passant.


Chess Multiplayer 23 MB

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